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We would like to setup HA for an ePO. After reading the ePO guides it suggests that one must use MS Clustering. That is not an option for us.

Is is possible to put two ePOs behind a GLB (e.g. F5) and route user requests and Agent Handlers via a single Virtual IP address pointing to the F5 which in turn will ascertain which ePO is up and running?

With the above config (assuming its ok) would the two ePOs be ok talking to the SQL cluster?



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Re: ePO HA

Hello ​,

from my Point of experience this cannot work, because two EPO Servers cannot share one EPO database. Additional, an EPO server generates its unique EPO Server CA during Installation, where many things are signed with this CA.

So, for the EPO Server itself you cannot use a load balancer.

You can Group agenthandlers using one VIP or IP. So, if the EPO Server is not available, but an Agent Handler is available the endpoints are able to receive policies, upload Events and loading product updates and Upgrades.

Hope this helps,


Re: ePO HA

Thanks Thorsten,

So i guess the best option is use AH for Endpoint HA and then for the ePO just back it up and restore if needed.

Have you ever tried to clone the ePO and have it as a warm standby? That way I could have the GLB pointing to the primary ePO and if that one goes down bring the secondary ePO into play and allow the traffic to be redirected to the secondary ePO . Just a thought?

Re: ePO HA

I would be interested in whether or not the standby option is feasible, as well...

Reliable Contributor Troja
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Re: ePO HA


i never cloned an EPO Server for an warm standby. I´m sure you will get into troubles we do not know at the moment. I would never do this.

  • Deploy an EPO Server with a good functioning backup/restore Szenario. If you install an Extension and you do not have the right EPO Database backup this results in a problem, because EPO does a consistency check. This means, the installed Tomcat Application (extension) and the entries in the database must fit. Remember this in your Backup concept.
  • Take a look at the possible Disaster Recovery procedures. You may do a EPO Server snapshot into the EPO database. So you have a layered recovery concept. First do a restore of EPO and/or/not database. If this failes you can do a disaster recovery directly with the EPO database backup. Remember this for your backup/restore strategy.
  • Deploy Agenthandlers as needed. Configure the Agent Handler Assignment Rules to remove client connections from EPO.


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