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ePO Full Replication to SADR Failure w/ High Latency


I am currently testing the effects of worst-case latency and throughput on the ePO to SADR Full Replication task.

My topology includes: ePO+DB---vSwitch---NetworkImpairmentTool---vSwitch---SADR

I have manually set the throughput between ePO and SADR to 1 Mbps and the latency to those listed below:

Tested Latency (one-way)Ping RTTDurationSuccess?
0 ms~2 ms3h 27mYes
150 ms~302 ms5h 54mYes
300 ms~602 ms9h 05mYes
325 ms~652 ms2h 17mFails @ 30%
350 ms~702 ms3h 31mFails @ 30%
410 ms~822 ms4h 03mFails @ 30%
450 ms~902 ms4h 25mFails @ 30%

So here are my questions:

1.) What is the reason, from an application standpoint, that this failure would occur at latencies over 300 ms?

2.) What can I do to make the ePO more tolerant of high latency and low throughput?