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ePO Event 1092

Hi Folks, as far as I know the event 1092 is an informational only event, generated when an Access Protection rule blocks access to a file, I know it's enabled by default, but in my environment it is disable, and the client wants to know why he must ENABL

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Re: ePO Event 1092

Moved to EPO forum a better place to get an answer

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Re: ePO Event 1092

Even 1092 and 1095 are the VSE AP events, There is no harm to disable this if you have the database size constrain but at the moment you will disabled this, agent will not log these access protection events in agent event folder and you will never know which rule broken.  the only way to know by looking at the local pc.

The advantage of enabling this, the administrator would be easy and you have visibility from console which rule break and which process break so that you can fine tune this easily.