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ePO - Encryption Tags and deploying software

Good morning,

Our McAfee environment will be:

EPO 5.1

DE 7.1

DE 7.1 -


I'm trying to figure out the best way to encrypt our laptops with tags (We are only looking to encrypt laptops, > 1 core).

I have a tag to make sure it fits certain criteria before it is allowed to have the software installed (first tag the system, then use Product Deployment with the prereq of the tag).

* Is there a way to tag a system if it has the Encryption software?

Ideally, I'd like to then have the tag that the system has the encryption software and a custom tag to encrypt the system (which I'm not too sure how to do).

VSE 8.8


I noticed that there is a Product Update for tasks, but it seems to hang up upon itself (ePO doesn't does not seem to be able to upgrade itself and trips the Standard Protection).

I have noticed that the Standard Deploy assigned to the OU within ePO seems to work? Is there any issues to having ePO sending out the VSE depoyment constantly?