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ePO Database RSD Index Missing?


Recently we reviewed the ePO database (ePO 5.1.2) with our dba.  The dba recommended that the below index be added to a RSD table as it will enhance the querying of the database.  He said that it was missing.  Have anyone seen this?  We have several ePO servers and it is "missing" on each of them.  

CREATE INDEX RSDDetectedSystemProperties_NetbiosName_DetectionType ON [ePO_Database].[dbo].[RSDDetectedSystemProperties] ([NetbiosName], [DetectionType]) INCLUDE ([HostID], [DnsName], [Domain], [LastDetectedTime])


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Re: ePO Database RSD Index Missing?

Moved to ePO for faster support




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Re: ePO Database RSD Index Missing?

Missing in his opinion ? I don't think that index exists out of the box, based on a check I did on my server.

When you install, update, upgrade ePO or a product in ePO everything is scripted including everything related to the database. Adding an index manually might make one of those operations fail.

I don't think McAfee would like that you added an index...