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ePO Cloud 5.7 slows down Outlook startup


We recently moved from McAfee SaaS to ePO Cloud 5.7.0

The Endpoint Security Threat Prevention version of the clients  is, the Endpoint Security Platform version is and the Agent version is

We have excluded from on-access scan the ost and the pst files. We aslo excluded the entire folders of outlook data for all users to prevent from scanning.

When users open Outlook it takes about a minute 40-50 secs to open, maybe more, and some times the application is not responding and crashes.

We realized that despite the fact that we excluded all those staff regarding outlook, McAfee still scans the ost and pst files.

All policies are applied to the clients including the exclusions.

Is it a known issue of those versions or something like that?

Any advice will be helpful!