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ePO / Agent Locking Out an AD User Account

Today I noticed that one of my service accounts keeps getting locked out.  Its one I use for my ePO server to sync up w/ Active Directory, push the agent out, and to replicate my UNC repositories.

To verify if it was ePO I created a new service account, and updated it to sync w/ AD, push out the agent and the replicate to my repositories. 

I see the second account I made getting locked so I know it is epo related some how.

I do not have any client tasks setup with hard coded user/pass right now.  The only thing in place is SiteAdvisor client tasks to send the logs.  I'm not sure if its related, but I updated my SiteAdivisor extensions yesterday.  Called McAfee support and after two hours they are stumped.  I was told they'd call me tomorrow to follow up on it.

Im trying to make super agent repositories now, as I read some UNC repositories can cause issues with user/pass.  Anyone else have this issue?  Know a fix?

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Re: ePO / Agent Locking Out an AD User Account

Anything in the event logs to advise why the account is getting locked out?

Re: ePO / Agent Locking Out an AD User Account

Just a lot of Event the security logs on DCs..  I commented out some lines for privacy

Event Type:    Failure Audit

Event Source:    Security

Event Category:    Account Logon

Event ID:    675

Date:        8/7/2013

Time:        10:05:06 PM


Computer:    Server_Name_Here


Pre-authentication failed:

     User Name:   User_Name_Here

     User ID:        Domain\User_Name_Here

     Service Name:    krbtgt/domain_name_here

     Pre-Authentication Type:    0x0

     Failure Code:    0x19

     Client Address:  IP_ADDRESS_HERE

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Re: ePO / Agent Locking Out an AD User Account

Running into same issue.  Anyone have any ideas as to why this continues during the AD sync?  Would love to not have to unlock the account every Monday morning.