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ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

In our ePO 4.0, we have ePO Agent 3.6.0.
We would like to upgrade ePO Agent to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1 but we have some questions :

1) Can we manage both ePO Agent 3.6.0 and McAfee Agent 4.0 P1 in ePO 4.0 in same time ?
2) Can we install directly the file MA400P1Win.Zip in the ePO 4.0 (in the Software tab and Check in Package ?
3) On computers (via ePO 4.0), must we upgrade manually the ePO Agent to McAfee Agent by creating a new deployment task ?

Thank you a lot !

Best regards.
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RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.


I am doing the same thing at the moment - to answer your questions

1) no you can only manage either the CMA or Mcafee Agent
2) yes you can install that file directly
3) the deployment task will replace CMA 3.6 with mcafee 4.0

Can i recommend you dont. I am having a few issues.

RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

The issues i am having are as follows - it installs ok on most PCs however on some the user is getting the following error

The Feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable
Click OK to try again or enter alternative path to a folder containing the installation package MFEagent.msi in the box below.

( I manaully entered the correct location )

I click OK then I get

The Path c:\docs and settings.......\MFEagent.msi cannot be found

I clicked OK then the error

Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product McAfee Agent. The windows installer cannot continue.

This comes up constantly and only End task to get rid of the error.

Does any one have any ideas??

RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

We are also planning the upgrade from CMA 3.6.0 P4 to MA 4.0 P1 (with ePO 3.6.1).

What does McAfee Support say about this issue?

RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

I dont know - I logged a call with our support and with McAfee themselves but they have yet to send me a solution.

RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

Thank you alls for your feedback.
As your advice, I continue to use ePO Agent 3.6 wink

RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

Yesterday I did an update from 3.6 agent to v4 patch 1.

I deployed to 1500 systems using a deployment task with randomization.

Everything went fine pretty much, there are about 7 systems that haven't updated yet, no big deal.

I didn't get any error messages.

It is possible to test the agent by installing it manually on PCs.
Even if you don't have the version of the agent 4 in ePO server, it will still update ok etc.

For testing I installed v4 on about 15 PCs with different configurations manually and they all installed ok and though 3.6 was still the ePO server version everything still works of that way for testing.

edit - but I have a Virtual test environment setup also so I can actually test the new products in more detail....I didn't just install it on a few PCs and say "yea, thats ok"
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RE: ePO Agent 3.6.0 upgrade to McAfee Agent 4.0 P1.

Luck favours the bold. Smiley Tongue

Just phase deploy it. The whole point of having an organized tree is to be able to just burn up part of the network and not all at once.

First target the Sysadmins computers OU. (tests if it works, it also gives detailed reports on problems)
Then Servers. (tests if exclusions are ok)
Then User computer. (possible mayhem)
Then Absolutely Critical can not go offline for a minute machines. ( gets you fired if you do it wrong)

Going to drop the agent 4 patch 1 and VSE 8.7 on the critical systems next week. Have been running without major problems for the last 3 months.
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