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ePO 5 release date?

Anyone know of the proposed ePO 5 release date?


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Re: ePO 5 release date?

I think, in the middle of MAY.

I have tested ePO 5.o beta and found these things to share with you.

I upgraded my test environment to Beta 5.0, Things that I found during upgrade.

1.I build a new server 2008R2 (old 2003 was not compatible with ePo 5.0)

2.I registered my old ePo with new one and transferred my all agents and Agent communication keys, once I successfully transferred my systems and policies, I ran ePO 5.0 setup .exe.

ePO 5.0 comes with SQL express 2008R2 version and it does not upgrade SQL2005 version of ePO4.6 with latest patch.

So it gave me errorr"Minimum SQL server is requied SQL 2008 SP1 and it never upgrade SQL, So I manaually upgraded my SQL from 2005 to 2008R2.

and after it I started ePO 5.0 setup and it completed successfully.

During setup "Encryptin keys Pharase should be optional not manaditory.

Upgrade path should start from ePO 4.0patch 7, ePO 4.5 Patch 3 and ePO 4.6 base install and SQL server must be upgraded by setup utility automatically.

I couldnt find CPC tool anywhere to download and run it.

5.0 Beta installation wizard gives an option to restore DB from snapshort, but how to take snapshot of DB, does CPE will give you this option, stll not clear?

"failed to download Software Product List" this is the issue that is comming since 4.6 build 1192, and ePo 5.0 Beta still shows this issue.

Further I m investigating more and will post soon.

Navigation is awsome and improved.


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McAfee Employee

Re: ePO 5 release date?

I believe it is actually last week of March.

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Re: ePO 5 release date?

Hi all. ePO 5.0 and McAfee Agent 4.8 got released yesterday.

I believe the ePO 5.0 extensions for HIPS management followed soon after.

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