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ePO 5.9 PIA result


When i run Pre-Install-Auditor i get 1 error, that keeps me from upgrading.

I have sql 2014 fully patched on a win 2012R2 server.

DB query cursor threshold fails with error: failed to execute database Query!?

Anyone who has  encountered this problem?   Or Better....have a solution to it?

The value is -1 in my sql, but setting it to 0 does not change the PIA-result.

Regards Rickard


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Re: ePO 5.9 PIA result

The issue isn't the setting but your account you're using doesn't have high enough permissions (at least for me it was).  Make sure the ePO account and Windows login account being used are sysadmin of the MS-SQL server during the upgrade.  You can remove it when done.

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