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ePO 5.3 snapshot size

We have cleanly installed ePO 5.3 and have noticed that database size is humongous (30 GB+) although only 8 clients are connected. After analyzing DB we have found out that table dbo.orionsnapshot uses all of that space. How can we reduce this? We haven't found Settings related to this.



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McAfee Employee
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Re: ePO 5.3 snapshot size

I have seen a number of posts regarding snapshots. They extend from don't touch it to you should be using it. At the end of the day you do have the capability to clear the snapshot contents and\or disable this safeguard. Your decisions need to be based on what do I plan to get out of this and is it worth the effort. If you have minimal growth  and the size is small why bother. The snapshot is there to assist you as your plan B emergency recovery tactic. If you remove this option and need it, you created the predicament not anyone else.

The following is based on my results from limited testing on a test system. Before you even contemplate moving ahead, the following thoughts should be in your mind.

1. Common sense prevails which I will presume most of you will have but some will cast three sheets to the wind.

2. If your not a SQL person, don't pass go or collect anything.. Walk away

3. Backup your database before you think of changing anything.

4. Do this on a test system NOT production. If you even think of doing this on production you have been warned and are on your own.

To disable the snapshot from running. Change the reoccurring schedule to a distant year in the future. This means it might have run once but can't reoccur if the next snapshot is 2020.

As for the snapshot size it requires you to look what is in the table first and see what is taking up the room. Right click the Orion.snapshot table and observe what is inside the table. On my test system I selected all the rows in that table and removed them. DO NOT remove the dbo.orion.snapshot table whatever you do or you WILL have problems.

In all test cases where I have taken a snapshot, I removed all rows within the Orion.snapshot without any issues.

To reiterate, DO NOT remove this table.