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ePO 4 Uninstall / reinstall question


One of our customer's C: partition is getting very full so I need to free some space. I've been tasked to uninstall ePO4 from one partition and reinstall it on another due to the mentioned space issue.

We have configured ePO for them and they have a number of different policies for the different software installed, which I do not want to have to recreate from scratch.

What's the easiest way for me to do this whilst keeping all the settings? I'm not lazy, I just don't like wasting time..

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RE: ePO 4 Uninstall / reinstall question

1-backup the DB .

2-export the policies then import it after the new installtion

RE: ePO 4 Uninstall / reinstall question

Found a thorough KB on it so all is good.

ePO 4.0 recommended recovery and migration procedure
ePO Support Center Plug-in
Check out the new ePO Support Center. Simply access the ePO Software Manager and follow the instructions in the Product Guide for the most commonly used utilities, top known issues announcements, search the knowledgebase for product documentation, and server status and statistics – all from within ePO.