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ePO 4.6 - "Protection Available" shown as "Medium" - Update was successful


We recently updated to ePO 4.6 from ePO 4.5.  This is an ePO installation that has been upgrade through the v3 versions and v4 versions.   Since upgrading to 4.6 the "McAfee Labs Threat Advisory" shows that our "Protection Available" is only "Medium".

With ePO 4.6 there appear to be some new entries, along with what appear to be duplicates.  It is these new entries and duplicate that are showing as not being up-to-date - see screenshot:


My Repository Pull task from McAfee is set to update all packages.  We are setup to update from the HTTP repository -

What am I missing, or what do I need to do in order to get this other items to update correctly please?.

Thank you

Iain Chapman


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Re: ePO 4.6 - "Protection Available" shown as "Medium" - Update was successful

OK - to partly answer my own question, I realise now that the Threat Advisory is also listing items in the "Previous" branch of my repository.  This explains what the duplicates exist and are shown as having the wrong version.

However, can anyone advise on the other item - which I think is now limited to the "Audit Engine Content".


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Re: ePO 4.6 - "Protection Available" shown as "Medium" - Update was successful


Audit Engine Content is the updatable content that's used by policy auditor. (Possibly risk advisor as well - I'm not sure exactly.)

In the first instance, remove this package from the repository, and then run the pull task again - does that solve things?

Thanks -