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ePO 4.6.6 Agent Deploy only if IPv6 protocol on PC is disabled.

I cannot deploy agent to PC, in the past we used, AD group policy, or manually run a frame package, as the PC being set-up.  We never got round to finding out why deploy did not work.   We are just about to replace our XP PC and want to get the deploy working from ePO server.  

Today I noticed if I switch off the IPv6 protocol on the PC in it Network setting.   I can then ping from the ePO server and then I am able to deploy the Agent.     However, I do not want to switch off the IPv6 protocol then switch it back on, as I would have get on the PC.   I mite as well manually run  the frame package on a PC to install the agent.

What the problem wit IPv6, what do I need to do?  

The PC is a Window 7


ePO 4.6.6

Agent 4.8

VSE 8.8

Window server 2003 R3.