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ePO 4.6.5 upgrade to ?


We are currently running ePO 4.6.5 in our environment. Due to a security flaw in 4.6.5 we are going to upgrade our ePO environment. My question is... what would be best, to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of McAfee Endpoint Suite Installer or to just upgrade to ePO 4.6.6 (or 5.X)?

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Re: ePO 4.6.5 upgrade to ?

What is your current OS for your ePO Server?

If your current ePO installation is on a 64Bit version of Server2008 or 2012, then I would upgrade to the latest and greatest - 5.1.x.

If ePO is installed on Server 2003 or on a 32Bit version of Server 2008 then upgrading to 4.6.8 would be your best bet..

Please read the Release Notes for 4.6.8 and verify everything is correct.

Happy Upgrading!