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Re: ePO 4.6.2 - From 2003 32bits to 2008 R2 64bits

Just curious - I'm trying to build the server freestanding while connecting to the db.  Any reason that this wouldn't work?  I'm building up as much as possible (importing policies, tasks, etc) and then for my official cutover we will just change the name and IP to match the current production boxes that are running today. 

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Re: ePO 4.6.2 - From 2003 32bits to 2008 R2 64bits

In that case I'm not really sure, but if you copy the program files folder like it says on the kb you don't have to import any task or policies. Everything will be picked up from the database and the files there (extensions, customizations, policies, etc...). After i finished the kb and started ePO everything was there.

I guess that if you do it like that then you must install every extension in the exact version you had before so you can manage all the clients correctly.

Re: ePO 4.6.2 - From 2003 32bits to 2008 R2 64bits

@feblex - thanks for the response.  I've done about all I can do at this point until the official cutover.  I did go thru the entire KB moving files, changing folders and parameters in the xml files.  I can't attach to the DB until we've done the renaming and IP matchup.  Hopefully by following that KB and having the key stores imported as part of that I'll have success.  Thanks for your advice and info!

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