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ePO 4.5 controlled one time Full Scans?

We often want to run a full scan on a system after seeing unusual activity from McAfee or from one of our other layers of security.  Many times, that system is not currently online (especially laptops).

Is there a way in ePO to have a specific system or systems start a full scan the next time it checks into ePO?  Then send an email with the results (or at least an email that it has finished the full scan).

This would be a great help.  Thanks!

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Re: ePO 4.5 controlled one time Full Scans?

Set up a run immediately task to run a scan.  Have in your tree at the top disabled.

Then when you want to scan someone enable it just on that machine.  As soon as the McAfee agent checks in it will see the new task and run it.

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