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ePO 4.5 and Linux VSE 1.7 reporting

I'm testing the use of VSE on our Linux serers and having trouble locating log infomration from scans. From what I can see, the scan tasks are starting and completing properly, but I haven't found a way to review a regular log file. I'm looking for something that contains normal report metrics, such as scan duration, if any infections were found, types of files scanned, etc. I've toyed around with Queries in ePO, but haven't seen anything other than general compliance reports, such as .DAT version, where VSE is installed, and so forth. I need a reliable go-to file or report that will let me know the raw information about the scan. I haven't been able to find any log files on the file system either and we're unable to use the Apache web interface, so I need something else.  Any suggestions?