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ePO 4.5 Rebuild/New Server

I have installed ePO on a couple of new servers and have started down the path to configuring them.  One thing that I was told was to register the new server with the old one prior to export/import of the public key.  I have run into a bit of a question and wanted to check if there any white papers/KB on registering a new system?  I have searched around and am failing to find anything other than DR type documents (KB66616 for example) that focus on replacing a server rather than migrating.  There isn't a lot in the product guide here either - page 39-40 talk about registering a server, but it doesn't clear up my confusion.  I am probably making it too difficult but I'm a bit leery of doing anything to our current production box without being sure what I'm adding.

On the old server I am a little confused as to the information I am inputting for the registered ePO server.  Is all of the information related to the new server (db server, name, instance, etc.)?

The setting to transfer systems - what is the manual vs automatic sitelist import?

Thanks for any advice.


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Re: ePO 4.5 Rebuild/New Server

Hi Kevin,

are both servers ePO 4.5?, if so you need to specify all the data as the old server first, once you have done this, you can share the policy's and keys, when you have achieved this, you can than move the systems etc to the new server and that should be it. Have you looked at putting in agent handlers to take over the load, they are easy to get up and running provided you have the basics and planning in place.

let me know

Re: ePO 4.5 Rebuild/New Server

Both servers are 4.5 but they are different patch levels.  So I basically have an old server as production (let's call it 'old') and then a newly built server that is fresh off installing ePO4.5p3 (call it 'new').  The new system has a new database as well, it is by no means going to use the old one.  (We have a high probability of corruption issues, hence the reason for this entire process).

I need to go through and create the policies on the new server, get it set up to talk to our LDAP, get it talking to the McAfee servers for downloads, etc.  Once all of that is in place I was going to start transferring systems - basically telling them to talk to the 'new' server rather than the 'old.'

If I understand correctly, for this last part I need to register the 'new' server on the 'old' one.  This will allow me to select the 'new' server when I transfer systems as the one to talk to.  I haven't found a lot of information regarding to what details go in the fields for the registered server though.  So - do I put the old or the new db details?  If I put the old, what happens when that db is turned off once the migration is complete?

Hope that makes sense.