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ePO 4.5 - Dashboard Inconstancies


Has anyone noticed any unusual dashboard reporting Inconstancies on ePO 4.5?

We have just completed our upgrade and are seeing live compliance queries which run as monitors seem to constantly have varying figures.

i.e. it might report 2 non-compliant one minute and then refresh moments later and it could jump to 50/60 non-compliant for no reason!

then if you decide to drill into these non-compliant clients and move them to a directory to carry out remedial work, the will appear as healthy again!!!

this is very annoying, coming from the ePO 3.6.1 environment which was rubbish reporting, but at least it was concrete figures.

I have had to delay AV reporting to management as we feel this constant Inconstancies is not in anyway giving a fair refelction to the environment.

Also, on our scheduled DAT deployment monitor it will occasionally say 5/6 clients have DATs advising "N\A"

However when you click into these it may pick up 20/30 more clients that are "apparently non-compliant".

I have re-assesed all my queries that are reporting these figures abd created 2 agent wakeup tasks for the environment, 1 for AM & 1 for PM.

Any other suggestions/reasons why this might be happening?