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ePO 4.0 error

I'm getting an error when trying to deploy an agent through the ePO server. The error is "Failed to open remote system environment, system error: Access is denied. Start service failed, system error: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress." Has anyone seen this? Or, does anyone have any idea how to fix?

We are running ePO 4.0 on a Windows 2003 server. We are currently trying to synchronize ePO with Active Directory. This is a new server and new conversion. There have never been any machines on 4.0 prior to this. Also, we have several machines that are running VSE 8.0 that are being converted to 8.5. I don't know if that part is relevant, but threw it out there anyway.

Also, I spoke with McAfee support and was told this was because the Windows Installer service wasn't running. I started the service and still go the error.
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Have you set your firewall correctly?
Also ready the ePo HTTP Port info.
Try to turn the windows firewall off for the test period.

The best way is to set up a (domain) group policy that Defines a Port exeption for the ePo server IP Address at the clients:

8081:TCP:IP_Address_EPO/SUBNETMASK:enabled:ePo Agent Wake-Up HTTP
8082:TCP:IP_Address_EPO/SUBNETMASK:enabled:ePo Agent Broadcast HTTP
82:TCP:IP_Address_EPO/SUBNETMASK:enabled:ePo Agent HTTP

Start service failed, system error: Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.


I've been getting this error a lot recently when trying to deploy the McAfee Agent to machine with HIPS installed (HIPS in Adaptive mode).

I've been doing a bit of troubleshooting. I have created a group in EPO which has the firewall in Adaptive mode but has IPS and App Blocking disabled. When a machine has this policy set I can deploy the McAfee Agent without any errors.

Might be worth testing to see if you get the same.

Regards happy