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ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7


I am currently testing VSE 8.7 with a management by ePO 4.0 on few PCs.
VSE 8.7 works correctly but in the dashboard of ePO 4.0, PCs that they have VS 8.7 installed are considerated as "Non compliant" (in the ePO: Compliance Summary).

The only things I have do for VSE 8.7 is "Checkin Package" in the ePO.
May have I forgotten something ?

Thank you a lot for the answers.

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RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

i think you need to stop Inheritance from these mashines

RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

Good idea Smiley Wink
But which products must I select to block the inheritance ?
Because in the drop down menu on the left, I cannot select VirusScan 8.7.

Thank you a lot !
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RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

Besides checking in your new 8.7, you should also:

- install the 8.7 extensions
- configure the 8.7 policies that now appear available in your policy catalog
- update your deploy task so it installs 8.7 and not 8.5

RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

Hello d0x,
Thank you for your answer.
But I don't find the 8.7 extension (no trace in "MySupport" page or "NAI")
I think I search in the bad place :confused:

Can you say me where can I find the 8.7 extension ?

Thank you a lot !
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RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

Open VSE8.7 folder , you can see , you can check it in "extension" , and you can manage VSE8.7

RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

Thank you gxl ! it works !
I had forgotten where the "extension" tab is in the ePO 4.0 :rolleyes:
McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: RE: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7

The latest extension for VSE 8.7i can be found linked to KB67452:

The management extension included in the VSE 8.7i repost which includes patch 2 may cause issues with your access protection policies so you should use the extension listed above. The reporting extension in that same package is fine.

Re: ePO 4.0 and VSE 8.7


After finding this post I finally got mine working