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ePO 4.0; VSE 8.7 installed, not listed in system details

epo 4.0

agent 4.0



On nearly all systems, everything works as advertised, however, I have a handful of systems where VSE is installed and associated with the agent, but it isn't listed in ePO on the installed products row under system details.  Any suggestions on how to remediate this inconsistency?  I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the agent and VSE.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: ePO 4.0; VSE 8.7 installed, not listed in system details

The very first thing, I will suggest to check for duplicate systems. There is default query (ePOSmiley Very Happyuplicate systems). Please run and check for duplicates.

If not duplicates then under system details, is the issue with VSE not listed or all the other products.

If the issue is with only VSE then please look for plugin value (HKLM=>Software=>Network associates=>Application plugins=>VSE=>Plugin flag). If the value is non-zero then please change it zero, restart the framework service and initiate ASCI from the client machine.