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ePO 4.0 Notifications - stopped working

My email Notifications have stopped working. When I connect to the console, I see the following error at the logon prompt:

EpoAlerts - Plugin EpoAlerts is missing dependency:Notifications

When I logon, the Notifcations tab is missing from Automation. In addition, when I look at Extensions, 'ePO Alerts' is highlighted in red and has the following details:

(Plugin EpoAlerts is missing dependency:Notifications)

McAfee Support has, after I sent them results of the MER tool, suggested that there was a problem with the Agent-server secure communication key. They recommended I create a new one, making it the Master. I then set my Inactive Agents task to delete all those which havent comminicated with the server for more than 1 day (to force the new key to be 'active').

This was over 24 hours ago and the Notifications are still not working.

I am not convinced Support even understand what I have explained to them, let alone have any idea how to resolve the problem. I am waiting for them to return my call.

In the meantime, does anyone have a better suggestion??