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ePO 4.0 Database migration


I recently upgraded our ePO server to 4.0 patch 1 from 3.6.1. The upgrade seems to have been well, but we are still using a remote SQL 2000 server. We are currently planning a massive SQL migration of all our databases to SQL 2005 on another server (this one will be 64 bits). I found some migration procedures about ePO 3.6.x but haven't found any for ePO 4.0. As I understand it I will have to migrate the database via SQL Management, then reconfigure the database connection in https://server:8443/core/config. Is that it or are there extra steps to perform on the database ?

Thank you for your time.
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My migration steps.

Just few days ago, moved ePO 4 database from SQL2k to SQL2005 for one of customers.
Steps that I do:
1. Stop ePO services and make full DB backup with SQL2k Enterprise manager.
2. Restore database to new server with SQL2005 with Management Studio.
3 Create login account for ePO and grant him dbo rights to restored DB.
4. Recreate two jobs in new SQL servers.
5. Bring up ePO services.
6. Change in /core/config name of SQL server instance, port (check port number of new instance before), username and password.
7. Stop ePO services again.
8. Change SQL server info in server.ini file located in "DB" folder.
9. Bring up services and check all functions properly.
10. Check agent-to-server connectivity (check new policy), server-to-agent (WakeUp), queries and Master repository functionality (Pull, replication and install or update products from)

All works perfect for me, so I hope this help to You.
Sorry for English – not my native language.

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