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ePO 3.6 & Microsoft MOM 2005


is it somehow possible to import the MIB-file of the EPO-Server into the MOM 2005 Server?

When I try to convert the MIB file into the Micorosoft MOF format I am getting an parse error.

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RE: ePO 3.6 & Microsoft MOM 2005


i have run into what you are seeing, and got the same error - technically MOM is not supported, since it was never tested ( HP Openview was)

you may be able to get around it without relying on the MIB file - for example, i know that Tivoli Security Operations Manager naitively is able to work out the SNMP trap format for ePO, but you may need someone experienced in MOM to do this - im afraid, i am not that man Smiley Surprised)