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ePO 3.5 Not Updating Clients

We have a fairly diverse network of many servers, mostly being updated by ePO 3.5.  We do have plans to upgrade to ePO 4.5 but we are not there yet.  The problem I am having is that some systems are not being updated automatically.  If I right-click the system tray icon and tell it to update now, it does go to the local repository and updates as it should.  I have stopped/restarted the mcafee services thinking they might be stuck but still no automatic updating.  I am also looking to see if they are mainly Win2K servers or if some other versions are also affected but I haven't been able to complete this determination yet.

Any assistance into figuring this out would be appreciated.

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Re: ePO 3.5 Not Updating Clients

Moved to ePO area for better attention.