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ePO 3.0 problem

I've got ePO 3.0.2 running on our domain controller downloading from naihttp and naiftp. It passes on the dat files from the master repository to two distribution repositories. The first repository is called GEPO and the second is called GEWA. GEPO is on the same server as the master repository that collects the dat files. GEWA is over a WAN in an office thats, a couple of miles away. The clients use virus scan enterprise 8.5i and sometimes the update will be unsuccessful. The problem is that they are unsuccessful only on one site and surprisingly its not GEWA that is unsuccessful, it's the one thats on the same server as the master repository.

Also, the update isn't unsuccessful all the time. It works some days and not others. for example today is the 19th of November. The dat file in use right now is dated the 17th (5437.0000). It is reporting the update as successful.

Yesterday the update was reporting as unsuccessful and had the dat files from the 15th. So I have a dat file from two days ago which I could not download yesterday.

If anyone has any ideas then I would appreciate it.