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ePO 3.0.6 Console not reachable since SP update


We recently updated our ePO server from Windows 2003 SP1 to SP2, and ever since then, have been unable to logon to the console, either remotely or locally. The services are started, and the username/password has not been changed.

When attempting to connect over port 8443, we get an error saying that the server is not responding. Additionally, since the update, none of the mcAfee clients are getting any updates from the server, although the server itself is updating correctly.

My initial thoughts were that it may have something to do with firewalls, although the Windows Firewall is not active on the ePO server, and it does not work even when attempting a local connection. I am able to telnet to port 8443 on the server both locally and remotely.

Has any one else come across this issue after upgrading to SP2. The worry is that out clients are behind in their antivirus versions, and thus more at rick of infection.

Thanks in advance
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RE: ePO 3.0.6 Console not reachable since SP update


Have you seen this knowledgebase article on ePO/PRP support when upgrading to Windows 2003 SP2?

IT appears from looking quickly at that article that only ePO 3.6.1 with Patch 1 is 'entirely' compatible with Windows 2003 SP2.

You may need to upgrade.



RE: ePO 3.0.6 Console not reachable since SP update

I have the same issue with ePO 3.6 and the newest patch does not solve this for me.