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distrubuted repository on test lan

Hi everyone,I am fairly new to Epo and have just built a new Epo server with v5 for our business. Everything is worked OK.

I was wondering if it is possible to create a distributed repository for our test lan. The test lan is a separate domain and we have a DMZ between test and production.

I have tried to create a UNC repository but get an 'unable to connect' error when testing credentials. I have opened the firewall ports for the servers but still fails.

Could someone confirm which ports should be opened?

Looking at the logs its says error invalid UNC credentials .

Prior to the credentials message it also states 'failed to Map to unc path  with error 53' then it tries mapping via another methood which i cant remember

Many thanks

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Level 16

Re: distrubuted repository on test lan

Hi richard williams, maybe it would be easier for you setting an Agent Handler in your DMZ so computers in your test network can reach it through LAN or WAN

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Re: distrubuted repository on test lan

You could also try the trick to add the complete path in the LMHOST file...

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