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configure ePO to use commonupdater

I have found the below KB Article for the links to the commonUpdater. I can't find instructions on how to configure the ePO to use it. Any have any good links or KBs of how to set up the ePO to use the CommonUpdater ? My ePO verison is 4.6.X

I take it the ePO just updates content from the common updater, that the products them self are updated separately ?

McAfee KnowledgeBase - CommonUpdater download sites

After posting, I found in server settings

server settings > source sites

If I put in Mcafee FTP it works

if I put in mcafee source - - fallback - enabled. When pulling from task it fails


I am assuming just update source sites, then create a server task to pull from the source site and pick if it goes to current, or evaluation

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Re: configure ePO to use commonupdater

Not sure why but when its trying to update the engine it fails


11/3/15 5:02:00 PM


Downloading package Current\VSCANENG1000\5700.7163\Engine\0000


11/3/15 5:02:00 PM


Checking in package Current\VSCANENG1000\5700.7163\Engine\0000


11/3/15 5:02:01 PM


Failed to check in package Current\VSCANENG1000\5700.7163\Engine\0000