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autoupdate architect replacement

I have a workgroup network of approx 50 servers that is isolated from the internet.
It is also isolated from my corporate network by a firewall. The corporate "Mcafee server"
pulls updates from the internet nightly. I have a server located on the DMZ of my firewall, that uses autoupdate architect to pull the updates from the corporate server, nightly. Then, my servers on the inside of the firewall get their dat updates from the "local" Mcafee server. I am in the process of upgrading my "local" Mcafee box to WIN2K3. I was told that autoupdate architect is no longer supported and will be End of Life in 2009.
So, I will be using ePO on my inside server to pull updates from the corporate server.
I have configured the new ePO machine and am encountering problems when I try
to pull data from the corporate machine. I get an error that says Site Catalog not found.
The ePO log has the following messages....
"Package catalog file C:\..... is signed but failed validation
Failed to verify signature of catalog file C:\....."
I can anonymous ftp to my source repository using a DOS prompt, and 'get' the catalog file
with no problem. But using the pull task in ePO fails every time ( using anonymous FTP)? If it's a certificate type error, is there someway to turn that security off? I don't want to use certificates or digital sigs. I am running ePO 4.0 on win2k3 server....
Thanks for ANY help....