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Level 7

agent + virus scan for linux

Greetings folks,

Does the linux agent not allow you to manage dat updates/virus scan settings?

I took a quick gander, got it installed and reporting and also installed virusScan, now I believe this is purely on-demand but system properties on the host in ePO does not show VS being installed.

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Level 11

Re: agent + virus scan for linux

there are 2 virusscans for linux.  one is an ondemand scanner that only scans on demand and has no epo manageability at all.  The other is/was called Linuxshield which is a true on access scanner for linux.  That does have an epo agent and is manageable via epo like the regular VS for windows.

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Level 16

Re: agent + virus scan for linux

Sounds like you are talking about VirusScan Command Line Scanner for Unix.

Current version is 6.0.3 and it is not ePO-managed in any way.

Current version of LinuxShield is V1.6, and as previously mentioned this can be fully managed by ePO 4.5.



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