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agent mcafee report loopback

Good afternoon

I have epo 5.3.2 of mcafee and the extension of dlp 10.0.0. Of which 423 terminal equipments are being managed, of which 15 are reflected as updated and in communication through the agent 5.0.4 of the console and the terminal equipment, for more that I do it to force the updates does not report with success. Validate that they check the firewall and the network in which nothing was found that blocked the ports used by mcafee.
I did the test with 2 computers of different subnets desistalando the antivirus kasperki 10.0. And worked everything right.
The kasperski antivirus administrator, I already exclude port 443. but the problem still persists.

My query is you have to unlock all the ports or put some rule for exclusion. Because I do not want to be de-emphasizing all the teams.

Thank you for your help.

puertos mcafee.png


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