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agent is not communicating

hi ,

I  have EPO 4.5 version and active directory 2003 .

i have done all the settings , but some of the client computers are not communicating properly. especially some work group (administrator accounts) are not communicating.

pls suggest me.


Velu M

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Re: agent is not communicating

Moved to our ePolicy Orchestrator area for better attention by an expert.

Re: agent is not communicating

Could you please provide a little more information on the nature of the problem ?

Are there errors in the agent log for example ?



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Re: agent is not communicating

What is different about these machines compared to the working ones.

- Do they run firewalls?

- Are they at the end of a VPN connection?

- Are the on a different subnet?

- Are they cloned installs?

Flesh out the details and it will make diagnosis easier.

Re: agent is not communicating

I'm having this exact problem also, not sure when it started.

I first noticed it when I pushed the agent to a new server on a new subnet so I thought it was FW related.  I then check some existing clients and some are having issues also.  In particular I have 2 machines on the same subnet that haven't been modified in forever... one works one does not.

Right click "Update Security" works

The following do not:

Collect and Send Props

Send Events

Check New Policies

The all give "Agent Failed to communicate with ePO server"

Is there a licensing cap that is enforced I'm wondering? I don't know what else to check seeing as how the machines are on the same subnet, same version of agent... New server is still experiencing issues but I'll solve my local problems first.

Re: agent is not communicating


McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: agent is not communicating

Many many things can prevent an agent from communicating. Post a copy of the agent log from a client machine failing to communicate and you will probably get some more helpful responses.