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agent handlers assignment rules suggestion needed!

Hi all, I have a newbie question. Actually we have our epo server on Location A and an Agent handlers at Location B. Every agent are trying to connect first to the Location B agent handlers and if not possible it will connect to the EPO at location A. For example, only agent who was in the can connect to the agent handlers. Actually every agent who are not in this network obtain en communication error with the agent handlers. I think I have to remove the agent handlers reference for every agent who are not in his network.

How this could be done? By using Agent criteria, system tree location?

For Example:

EPO server

Location A:

My Organization \ Location A

Agent handler:

Location B

My Organization \ Location B

The Handler Assignment Rules are:

Priority 1 is Location B

Priority 2 is Location A

Priority 3 is default rule

Thanks you

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Re: agent handlers assignment rules suggestion needed!

Assuming that I am understanding your situation properly, I would attack the problem using system tree location as you have already segregated the systems

In your assignment rules, assign My Org\location B to the Agent Handler and remove the ePO server from the "Handler Priority" list altogether.  You will get a warning "Warning: The custom handler list does not contain the primary agent handler".  Just ignore the warning.

Then create another rule that assigns the systems in My Org\Location A to the ePO server.

Hopefully this helps ya.