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agent can not communicate with epo server

can anybody tell me if is possible to deploy the ePO agent to Clients in a workgroup via epo console ?

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Reliable Contributor catdaddy
Reliable Contributor
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Re: agent can not communicate with epo server

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Re: agent can not communicate with epo server

It should work, but you would either need a set of credentials which is common across all systems (which isn't a best practice) or you would have to change credentials for each deployment task to each system.

McAfee Employee moekhass
McAfee Employee
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Re: agent can not communicate with epo server

​, It can be done assuming you have administrative rights to install software. Please follow these steps:

1. Go to System Tree and browse to the folder (or create a new one) where you want those systems to be in.

2. Click on "New Systems" button and you should see something like this screen:

Add all of your systems in "Target Systems". Then enter credentials.

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