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agent 5.0.1 detected as alien agent

current setup:

ePO 5.3.0

RSD 5.0.1, RSD systems running agent 4.8.0

I have deployed the new agent 5.0.1 to some test PCs and all has gone well, except they are detected as an alien agent by the rogue system detection systems.  Previous agent version (5.0.0) did not display this behavior.

Is this expected?  I don't want to continue with the 5.0.1 agent deployment if all of my clients will be detected as a rogue.

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Re: agent 5.0.1 detected as alien agent


we have the same error at a customer site with ePO 5.1.2 and RSD 5 (4.7.2 work just fine). Just opened a SR with McAfee.



Re: agent 5.0.1 detected as alien agent


This is most likely due to the fact that RSD is not supported with the agent 5.0.1.  Here is a list of McAfee Agen'ts 5.0.1 compatibility product list:

McAfee KnowledgeBase - McAfee Agent 5.0.1 compatible products

I would like to know when they plan on supporting RSD with this agent though.



Re: agent 5.0.1 detected as alien agent

Ah, I mixed up question version und products... nevertheless, the PG only states that you cannot install RSD 5.x on Agent 5.x. AFAIK RSD only sends detections to ePO, which checks these against all known systems.

And just to clarify: we opened a SR because RSD 5.x identified systems as rogue, although they had Agent 4.8 installed.