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after upgrade from 3.6.1 to 4.0 Superagent Problems (CLOSED)


i ´ve update epo 3.6.1 to epo 4.0 and it looks like that all is running fine but now i have one ore two Problems.

My Superagent can not upload the information to the MASTER Server but it looks all fine.

I update on Superagent manually from 3.6.1 Superagent to 4.0.1444 with the /UPGRADE Switch.

He is working but in my Master Server is for this Machine still 3.6.x Agent and not 4.0.1444.

Why, i dont understand it. i would try to check in the Agent 4.0.1444 aus ZIP but then i become a error that my PATH ist not valid or better not completly.

Normally all Clients look at there Repository but now all Clients look on the MASTER Server, is this a Problem that i run a old SuperAgent???

Please, i need a little input.

Big thx. happy
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Self fixed : Closes

Okay, i fixed my Probleme self.

I´ve forgotten that i must install all EXTENSIONS Updates for every Product i use.

Cya, learning by doing.

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