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You have provided invalid credentials


I have some serious problems...

I can not log on to the EPO4 console anymore.

I have talked to my customer about what they have done to make this think happened.
The only thing they could remember was that someone had changed some settings on the user "admin".

When i heard that i showed the "local admin" another console in another system and he showed me what settings he had changed.

The changed settings was.. to set the user "admin" to use windows authentication. He says he add entered the correct info about the user to bind with the account. But something has gone real wrong. Maybe he entered wrong info for the user to authenticate with :eek:

I know, why not make a new user account and make some tests on that before you messed up everything.. yes please :rolleyes:

So now when i try to login to the console/website i just got the message "You have provided invalid credentials."

Is it possible to change settings for user "admin", so the account don't use windows authentication any more?

I have restarted the server and all the services is running.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advanced and sorry for my bad english