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Workstations (without login) are not updated on EPO 4.0

Hi ,

I am using EPO 4.0 with Agent 4.5 and VSE 8.8. My workstation without login to the network is not able to get the latest DAT file from EPO server.

Is there a way to push the DAT file to all workstations on the network without login them one by one?

Currently, only after I login to the PC, i am getting the latest DAT file.

Do I need to create a task to do that?

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Re: Workstations (without login) are not updated on EPO 4.0

Yes Ofcource.....

You need to create a Update task. Login to ePO console---->systems tree---->click My organization under system tree & on the right panel click client tasks---->create new task---->one window will get appear---->select type as Product Update.

Please feel free to revert.

Re: Workstations (without login) are not updated on EPO 4.0

Sound good but i don't have any admin right to test it yet.

Based on your suggestion, i need to create product update every week (or whenever there is an update) as most pc are spared workstation right?

Can i do without creating product update? Eg: wake up the agent and etc?

Thanks for the update.

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Re: Workstations (without login) are not updated on EPO 4.0

I will suggest to schedule the product update task daily because we are releasing DAT file daily.

Product update task should run with System account -so machine should be powered on to get the update task rather than user should be log in to the machine.

If the updates are working on the client machine then I will suggest you to look into client machine's Agent and Mcscript log to know the reason why it's failing.