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Windows "focus" and agent installation on point of sale PC

Here is something i stumble upon. We have a bunch of PC ( XP and 2000 ) that are acting as Point of Sales PC that are runnig a single application in full screen.

When we push the agent installation with epo ( agent 4.0 for 2000 and 4.5 for xp ) during the agent installation there is a brief moment when we loose the current windows focus. Now usualy on a normal pc, that's not a issue, but since those POS dont have mouse, and that the clerk are not aware of the alt-tab, thet call help desk to complain that the system is frozen. All that the help desk does is re-establish the focus on the main windows.

I've been able to reproduce the problem with a vm many time, and it's seen that there is a "ghost" windows that pup-up and steel the focus. the windows is called mcafee agent updater. The minute you click on something else it disapears from the alt-tab.

Does that ring a bell to someone ? i got the same result by deploying with epo or localy with framepkg.exe /install=agent /silent.

I know that sound trivial but the client has over 2000 POS to deploy to.

Hopefully i made sense during my explanation.


PS: sorry for the bad english.

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Re: Windows "focus" and agent installation on point of sale PC

Unfortunately the only way I can think of achieving what you need is to use an AutoIT script to set the focus back.

You can make a script in AutoIT to set the window focus to whatever the correct window should be, and then compile that script to .exe

put it in netlogon or some other place every client workstation will have read access to.

Make a batch script which runs the mcafee agent installer silenty, then runs the window refocuser.


@Echo off

"\\AwesomeServer\AwesomeShare\FramePkg.exe" /INSTALL=AGENT /SILENT


Then run this batch script on your workstations using PSEXEC.


PSEXEC \\Workstation123 -d "\\AwesomeServer\AwesomeShare\InstallAgent.bat"

Anyway, there are heaps of variations of this idea you could use.

Let me know if you want to go through with this idea and I can help out a bit more..


You may also be able to set the focus using VBScript AppActivate method.

I haven't tried it, but if it would work it'd be cleaner than using AutoIT

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