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Why does EPO agent not updating encryption password?


I'm sure somewhere along the line someone else will have had this issue so I'm hoping there will be some help out there.

We're having a problem whereby the encryption password for users on our domain doesn't update when a user changes their domain password. This was working till recently and as far as I'm aware no system changes have been made.

An overview of our setup is as follows:

ePolicy Orchestrator version 5.1.1 running on Windows Server 2012 R2

McAfee Agent version running on Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64bit flavours

Day to day users will log into Citrix virtual environment using thin clients but a number of users also have laptops which generally sit around for months without being used, they then come into the office with their laptop (not being able to remember the last password they used to access the machine), we take them through the recovery process and get them logged on to Windows using their new password. Obviously what should happen is this password should sync with the encryption software bringing it up to date....problem is it doesn't.

The agent and services are all running, without errors, on the local machine. I can see the agent sending and receiving updates/policies and I've gone through the pain of sitting there are an hour doing this manually.

I'm sure there's much more info you'll require but does anyone have any thoughts as a starter for 10?