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Where is the SQL Database scheduled task?


I'm on ePO 3.6.1. During one of the system weekly full backup jpb, I realised that one of the DB .bak files is corrupted hence causing my weekly backup jobs to fail.

I went into the path of the ePO .baks and found DB backup files dated as far back as 2007. Each backup file is about 150mb. The frequency of DB backups is about weekly.

Before I delete any of the DB .baks dated back to 2007 and 2008, I would like to know where is the scheduled task that is running the DB backups.

The task could not be found in my Windows Server 2003 Schedule Tasks.

May I know where else can I look into, which is triggering the DB backups to run? The most recent backup date was 1 Aug 2009.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Have found the scheduled tasks. Thanks!
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