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What is Audit Engine Content

In trying to make sure everything on ePO is up-to-date, I've come across the Audit Engine Content (BMContent) listing which shows an old version.  Is this something I need?  I don't seem to have an update available, but it shows that it is outdated. See example below:

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Re: What is Audit Engine Content

That content is used by the MNAC (McAfee Network Access Control) and PA (Policy Auditor - which is *not* ePO btw) products.

Unless you are using either those products there is no need to be concerned about the content showing different to the latest available.



Re: What is Audit Engine Content

Thanks Rackroyd - didn't see the reply til now.  I guess my main deal is just making it where a quick view shows that my items are up-to-date is all.