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Warning- Editing Policys with two EPO policy windows open from same category

Hi all

just a warning of something i have experienced.

If you have policy rules that you are wanting to copy over, from one policy you have to another, and say, have both policy settings open, one in each window of IE, it can lead to issues.

for example.

I wanted to copy alot of firewall rules under Host Intrustion Prevention/ Firewall Rules (Windows) and i had one policy open in one window called My Test Policy and say the one i wasnted called My Real Policy.

I was going into attributes in one policy, and then copy and pasting them into field the other window. DO NOT DO THIS. EPO does NOT like this at all.

1) If you open say a policy with all the settings in, i.e My Test Policy
2) Then open say a blank policy without the settings i.e My Real Policy
3) Then if you click Save on the window with My Test Policy (the one you opened first)
= All the settings from My Test Policy (the one you opened first), get saved into the policy that you opened last, for me (My Real Policy).

For me , that actually worked in my favour once i worked out this 'feature', but initially, i wiped out all my rules! Not good

Be warned