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WIN 7 & Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i patch 3


We have 2nd user in company that came up to a problem with win 7 and Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i patch 3.

The problem appears as Windows 7 Action server sends a message that McAfee Viruscan Enterprise has stopped working. If I choose to turn it on, the message still appears there. I'm thinking this gotta to do sth with Windows Defender, cause durring the installation of Virusscan the wizard suggested I should remove the Windows defender as I did, but then after a couple of days a Win7 action center says that Windows Defender is not runing and put it on.

And another thing, I think this forum is not compatible with IE9, cause I tried to make a post with it and It didn't work, soo I'm posting with Mozilla.

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Re: WIN 7 & Virusscan Enterprise 8.7i patch 3

Another thing.

Looked under services and everything which starts with word Mcafee is started.

I have also tried to disable Windows Defender I click in Action Server Win7 to turn on Virusscan Enterprise but the message still does not dissapers, has anyone else had the same problem?