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Virusscan 8.7 enterprise on-access scan enabling error


I have problems with several new HP computers which had some preinstalled mcaffee program (I think it's some 30-day trial edition, I can remember which one, because I have choose not to install it when I logged on computer, soo it has unistalled it automatic).

In our company we use epolicy orchestrator for deploying mcaffee agents and virusscan software. The policy is also set that the on-access scan is enabled.

A strange thing that happens on this new computers is, that I can't enable on access scan. If I right click on Mcaffee tray icon and choose to enable, then in cca. 5-10 seconds Virusscan goes back being disabled. I have also done policy enforcement thru Mcaffee Agent, and then I did wake up againt thru the Epolicy Orchestrator 4.0 console, but the Virusscan On-Access is still disabled.

I have checked if there might be any services not being started and I saw that Mcaffee McShield isn't started in Adminstration tools/servers, soo I have manually tried to start the service, but I recieved this message:

The Mcaffe Mcshield service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Perfomance Logs and Alerts service.

Plz, help.
With best regards
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RE: Virusscan 8.7 enterprise on-access scan enabling error

Ok, more info.

I did some look into Windows event Viewer where i found this error:
Error = 0x7d1 : The specified driver is invalid

I have googled it the soultion, but it ain't working for me.
The solution:

Is not working for me.


Is not working for me Smiley Sad

I have also uninstalled some software Altiris Software Virtualization agent, because one guy on the internet mentioned, that could be the issue, but still the same sad