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VirusScan Enterprise with EPO


I am new to the McAfee World.    I recently joined a new company which has EPO 4.5 deployed and have a question about the Product Version for VirusScan Enterprise.   Most of our clients have and the more recently added machines have  My question is it necessary to upgrade the older versions to, and if so is there a way to deploy it from with in EPO? 

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Re: VirusScan Enterprise with EPO

Yes you can deploy VirusScan Enterprise updates (as well as initial install) from the EPO server.

You should upgrade the older versions to (which is VSE 8.8 Patch 4).

Since you have an EPO deployed and you have clients on VSE, I'm assuming that all the processes are already in place and you just took over for someone else?

Re: VirusScan Enterprise with EPO

Wow! Thank you for the quick responce.

Yes, EPO was setup and configured by someone else.  And now I'm the lucky one manage and support the environment.   I've figured out how to deploy the agent software/updates within EPO, but have not figured out how to deploy the lates VSE.  Would you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?

Re: VirusScan Enterprise with EPO

Go to the Client Task Catalog and create a new client task.

Choose McAfee Agent, then Product Deployment.

Then select the platform that you are going to install on and the product that you want to install (in this case VSE).

Once the client task has been created, in the system tree view select the clients you want to deploy VSE to.

Then go to Agent -> Run Client Task Immediately and select the task that you just created to deploy VSE.

I'll follow up with some screenshots if I have the time.

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Re: VirusScan Enterprise with EPO

I've tried that and it doesn't appear to be working.   I saw somewhere that I needed to update my version of EPO.  I'm currently running Version=  Do you know if this could be my problem?

Re: VirusScan Enterprise with EPO

Unfortunately epo 4.5 went EOL at the end of 2013 - it's not supported at all, so it will be unlikely that any new products will work.

Here's the kc article re vse - it gives you all the dependencies etc.

Re: VirusScan Enterprise with EPO

Thanks,   guess I will be in touch with your sales department to discuss getting an upgrade.