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Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

Hi i am in the middle of a mass roll our via EPO and i have 2 machines so far that refuse to install 8.7.

When i run the install manually the machines say that they are unable to start the services due to some permissions issue. This shouldnt be an issue logged on as the domain admin, and is fine on the other 100+ machines! One is Win2k and one is XP, i have also tried 8.5 with the same results.

I have had a long look on the web and not seem to have found the answer, if anyone can suggest something i would be very grateful, as i need to get it sorted today so i can have a weeks holiday in piece! Smiley Very Happy

Also, when manually installing 8.7 it suggest you remove MS defender, why is this? is there a clash between the two?

Thanks in advance!
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RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

Peronally after uninstalling old versions, cleaning up registry entries, and deleting temporary files, restarting, etc. I would reimage the two machines and try again if still struggling.

RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

Not an option, ones a production server. There we no older version installed.

RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

Anyone sad

RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

It's your only option (manual uninstall and clean up). There's no magic way to fix some of the issues other than that.

Remove the epo agent first with the command:
frminst.exe /forceuninstall

then uninstall the Antivirus client.

Clean up the program folders if any are left over. If it tells you some files can't be deleted, you're going to need to restart the server.

Also remove registry entries left over before reinstalling.

then start all over.

8.7i probably performs the same function as Defender does, so there's no point in doing both at the same time. It's common for a lot of virus clients to disable Defender.

RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

I had this happen to one of my machines today. I'm not using EPO, at least not yet. I'm in the process of upgrading Protection Pilot to EPO due to McAfee ending PRP next summer. I was installing 8.7 manually as the domain admin and received a permissions error when the install was trying to start the services. The computer is running XP Service Pack 2. I closed out of the error and rebooted the machine. I was then able to install 8.7
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RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

Im sure there was an issue with a legacy filter driver still referenced in the registry after 8.5 removal that blocked 8.7 install, cant find the thread though.

RE: Virus Scan 8.7 install issue

I will try and have a go with the removal and reboot etc, the 'not an option' comment was in reference to reimaging the machine, that's not possible with this server.